Reflection Snowballs

Aim: To encourage the group to reflect on an individual level. To enable different people to contribute to the same reflection. Resources: Papers Pencils/pens/markers Basic Structure: Ask participants to write […] Read More

Role-Play Debate

Aim:  To encourage participants to identify those affected by the issue at hand. To enable participants to see perspectives which might not be their own. Basic Structure: Explain the topic […] Read More

Sketch Reflections

Aim: To help participants reflect on a situation/session. To enable reflection without the use of words. Resources: Papers Pencils/pens/markers/colouring pencils Basic Structure: Present a question to be reflected upon. (For […] Read More

Speed Dating

Aim: To enable participants to discuss a topic with different individuals. Basic Structure: Participants are to form two concentric circles. Each person from the circle on the inside is paired […] Read More

Sticky Note Mapping

Aim: To enable brainstorming and idea generation. Resources: Papers Pencils/pens/markers Basic Structure: Present a broad question or problem that is likely to result in lots of different ideas or opinion. […] Read More