RIPPLE – The Scriptures

MCYN & KDŻG have collaborated to bring you RIPPLE – The Scriptures

Why ripple?

In throwing a stone into the water, it is not only the stone that is moved. These webinars were created to further equip youth leaders, so that what they know and what they learn is also passed on to the young people they work with.

Who is it for?

These webinars are intended for youth leaders, animators and anyone involved in youth ministry. Although these webinars are intended for youth group leaders, they are open to whoever is interested in attending.

What is it?

Ripple – The Scriptures is a short web course made up of 4 webinars. These webinars will be looking into some basics about Scripture & the character of God, and how they are essential in our ministry with young people.

The webinars will be broken down as follows:

    • Bible Basics
      Thursday 22nd October
      This session will be looking into how the story of Jesus permeates through the entire Bible. It also looks at how Scripture ought to be an integral part of our ministry.

      • Speakers
        • Rev. Dr Stefan Attard
        • Dr Joseph Ciappara


    • Prayer & Scripture
      Thursday 29th October
      This session will be looking at the prayers that form part of Scripture, and how Scripture can be part of one’s prayer.

      • Speakers
        • Fr Justin Schembri OP
        • Bettina Muchmore


    • Who God is, and who He is in our lives
      Thursday 5th November
      During this session, we will be talking about the character of God, in particular the Trinitarian mystery. We will also be looking at what Scripture says about who God ought to be in our lives.

      • Speakers
        • Rev. Dr Marcello Ghirlando
        • Fr Noel Debono


    • Scripture & Young People
      Thursday 12th November
      The final webinar will take a direct look at how Scripture can be part of the young person’s life. We will also be looking at how young people can Evangelise by using Scripture.

      • Speakers
        • Robert Rizzo SJ
        • H.E. Mons. Bishop Anton Teuma

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded by the Pastoral Formation Institute to those attending all 4 webinars.

When is it happening?

These webinars will be happening on 4 consecutive Thursdays: 

  • 22nd October
  • 29th October
  • 5th November and 
  • 12th November. 

The webinars will be starting at 7:30 pm and ending at 9:00 pm. 

Each webinar will consist of two 30-minute talks and two 15-minute question/discussion slots.

Where is it happening?

Each of the 4 webinars will be held online on a group ZOOM call. Attendance at these webinars is free of charge.


Please note that all of the webinars, apart from two, will be given in Maltese.

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