Creative Debate

Aims: To enable critical thinking in discussions To help participants consider opposite views than the ones they have. Basic Structure: Divide participants into two groups. Assign each group different viewpoints […] Read More

One-Minute Paper

Aim: To help participants reflect on an experience/session. Resources: Papers Pencils/pens/markers Basic Structure: Participants are asked to write down one of the following in exactly one minute: the most eye-opening […] Read More

Pyramid Discussion

Aims: To facilitate a discussion which is inclusive to the entire group. Basic Structure: Participants begin in pairs, responding to a discussion question only with a single partner. After each […] Read More

Reflection Snowballs

Aim: To encourage the group to reflect on an individual level. To enable different people to contribute to the same reflection. Resources: Papers Pencils/pens/markers Basic Structure: Ask participants to write […] Read More

Role-Play Debate

Aim:  To encourage participants to identify those affected by the issue at hand. To enable participants to see perspectives which might not be their own. Basic Structure: Explain the topic […] Read More

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