About Us

Malta Catholic Youth Network (MCYN) is the office dedicated to youth within the Archdiocese of Malta which seeks to engage with young individuals and share its vision. Grounded in three core principles, the organisation focuses on connecting peers who are passionate about spreading the message of Jesus, fostering a community dedicated to positive peer influence, and being relevant witnesses to society.

Our Services

MCYN provides diverse pastoral ministry services tailored for young people to support parishes, youth groups, movements, and religious organisations. Our portfolio encompasses a comprehensive range of services dedicated to fostering meaningful engagement and spiritual growth among the youth.

World Youth Day

World Youth Day, a significant global event fostering the spiritual growth of Catholic youth, has been entrusted to the Malta Catholic Youth Network in our diocese. With such responsibility, MCYN does not only orchestrate the actual pilgrimages, such as the memorable gathering in Lisbon in 2023 but also host local celebrations. This commemorative event takes place every year in Malta, coinciding with the feast of Christ the King in November. Through these endeavors, the Malta Catholic Youth Network cultivates a vibrant atmosphere of faith, unity, and communal devotion, ensuring that the spirit of World Youth Day resonates profoundly within our local community.

Youth Organisations

The Malta Catholic Youth Network endeavours to empower Catholic youth groups across Malta, fostering active participation within these communities. Explore a comprehensive list of all Catholic youth groups on the island.


If your youth group is not included, please come forward to register via email on [email protected]


The Malta Catholic Youth Network hosts various events throughout the year, with a focus on empowering youth leaders and strengthening their respective groups. Additionally, these gatherings aim to unite all young communities and individuals of faith, fostering a sense of connection and shared purpose within the network.


Discover a wealth of resources tailored to meet your needs in this dedicated space! Whether you seek training materials, official documents, or resources for youth ministry, our extensive collection has you covered. Delve into this section to explore a diverse array of valuable tools, knowledge, and services that are sure to equip and support you on your journey.

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