• MCYN maintains ongoing communication with parishes and youth groups and organisations through regular phone calls and emails, fostering a constant connection between us. Additionally, we provide targeted support in specific situations as needed.
  • Stay informed through our regular newsletters, featuring resources, activity updates, and valuable information.
  • Essential materials like resource booklets, events information and official invitations are sent by post.

Leader Formation

Introduction to Youth Ministry

PFI Level 3

In partnership with the Pastoral Formation Institute, this course serves as a foundational introduction to youth ministry. Designed for youth ministers, leaders, and animators, participants engage in reflection on their identity, faith journey, and the responsibilities of being a youth minister, leader, or animator in contemporary society. The course delves into the essential ‘tools’ believers need to embody and live out their faith. For additional details, please visit the website of the Pastoral Formation Institute.

Master of Arts in Youth Ministry

MQF Level 7

This course is offered by the Faculty of Theology as part of the University of Malta. The course spans over three years and a warrant in youth work is obtained.



Plexus has become a renowned annual conference for individuals and groups engaged in youth ministry. During this gathering, we aim to foster discussions on shared experiences and current themes, all while drawing inspiration from the ever-renewing spring of the Gospel.


Online resources for youths

Explore a multitude of resources crafted by MCYN, available on our social media platforms. These include the Lent Calendar, Swipe to Pray, Just 15, a diverse range of online posts featuring messages from the Pope, as well as a collection of engaging videos and more.


Resources for groups

Explore a variety of local resources curated by us, delivered through our newsletter and available on our website. Topics covered include Psalms, Lent, Advent, themes of social justice, resources complementing Yahad, One Church One Journey, and more. Additionally, we provide links to international resources tailored to each subject.

Pastoral Proposals

  • We extend our services to parishes and youth groups seeking assistance, focusing on the restructuring of existing groups or presenting proposals and new frameworks tailored to youth engagement in specific contexts.
  • Our services include drafts and designed formulas, along with essential forms such as GDPR and consent forms, to facilitate effective and compliant operations.

One Church, One Journey

One Church, One Journey for Pastoral Work with Youths

Discover our published summary of the Archdiocese’s Pastoral Plan, designed to incorporate youths into this transformative journey. Each chapter features a Bible quotation, key principles, reflection questions, and an invitation to action. This book serves as a valuable resource for personal meditation or group discussions. Both the English and Maltese versions of the book are available online.


Read, Think, Speak

This project aimed to actively integrate the document into practical application and meaningful discussions within our dioceses, ensuring it does not remain a mere book on the shelf. Through a series of meetings—both online and physical—involving two groups at a time from diverse contexts across Malta, we engaged in discussions and reflections on the themes outlined in the pastoral plan, One Church, One Journey. The key principles derived from the insights shared by the youth during these meetings were subsequently compiled.

Current Projects



This initiative targets individuals aged 18-30 with a passion for socio-political issues, encouraging them to actively contribute to the establishment of a more just and equitable society. Spanning a year, the project encompasses a transformative journey focused on community-building, reflection, and action, fostering active and responsible citizenship. It is designed for those who believe in the potential for positive societal change, recognizing the pivotal role of individual participation, rejecting the notion of giving up, and affirming that politics, when oriented towards the common good, represents one of the highest forms of charity.



It-10K huwa kors fuq l-10 Kmandamenti imma mhux ħa noqogħdu naħlulek il-ħin ngħidulek ma toqtolx, ma tisraqx u ma tidgħix.


Dawn huma l-10 Kmandamenti kif qatt ma smajthom qabel.


Mit-Tlieta 27 ta’ Frar fis-7:30pm. Żgħażagħ bejn it-18 – 35 sena fil-Knisja tas-Swatar.

World Youth Day in Malta

World Youth Day in Malta

On the Solemnity of Christ the King on 22 November 2020, Pope Francis announced that beginning in 2021, he would “transfer the diocesan celebration of WYD from Palm Sunday to Christ the King Sunday”. Each year we celebrate World Youth Day in our diocese where it can be fully experienced as a moment of celebration for young people and with young people.



This is an annual conference designed for individuals engaged in youth pastoral leadership. Beyond offering formative insights from keynote speakers, the conference prioritizes the ongoing reinforcement of a community of practice among leaders navigating diverse realities in Malta. Recognizing our primary calling as disciples, we place a strong emphasis on the transformative power of prayer. Approximately 200-250 participants attend each year to engage, learn, and strengthen the collective commitment to youth pastoral leadership.