About MCYN

About Malta Catholic Youth Network

MCYN, the youth office of the Archdiocese of Malta, seeks to engage with young individuals and share its vision.

At the core of our team, three guiding principles shape our mission:

  1. Connect with Peers: Our focus is on uniting young individuals eager to share the good news of Jesus among their friends, fostering a community committed to making a positive impact on their peers.
  2. Empower Youth Leaders: We are dedicated to building a network of youth leaders, providing discipleship, guidance, and support to our young community. Our emphasis lies in creating a collaborative community where these leaders can learn from one another, grow collectively, and contribute their best to shaping the lives of the youth they serve.
  3. Be Relevant Witnesses: Our purpose is to inspire and uplift one another to become evangelisers in the world. This involves living out our faith in a manner that resonates with the surrounding world, making a tangible difference in others’ lives through our actions, and showcasing the beauty of a life centered on Jesus.