Slide Youths having fun At Encounter Festival - Malta Catholic Youth Network Scroll Down 30th April - 3rd May 2020 Youths listening at Encounter Festival - Malta Catholic Youth Network What is Encounter? Encounter
is a celebration for young people
organised by the
Malta Catholic Youth Network – MCYN.
It aims to enable encounter
on 4 different levels:

With God
as Youths
within Church
for Society.

Although prayer and the Eucharist
are the cruces of such a celebration,
Encounter is diverse in its make-up.
Live music, workshops, discussion groups,
games and keynote speeches are just
a few of the events that take place
over the weekend.
Youths listening at Encounter Festival - Malta Catholic Youth Network Youths adoration t Encounter Festival - Malta Catholic Youth Network Encountering Who? Many young people are not very open about their faith. This can result from simple things like being shy, but many times it's a question of the fear of not feeling accepted. We want to encounter one another at the celebration and recognise that there are others, who like us, are on this journey of faith, with all its struggles and joys. Encountering God We want to see a generation that really desires to follow God, to love Him and Adore him. We desire to see a generation of young people who will know that God is infinitely merciful towards them and is calling them to a life of fullness lived in freedom. Encountering Society We want to share our faith, we want to celebrate it and shout it from the rooftops. We want to be present in society, to share the good news we have received. We want to be there where it matters, especially with those who are alone, suffering, and forgotten. Encountering Church We belong to the wider community. We have an important part to play in the lived experience of the Church. We want to be present, to learn from our elders, and help our younger brothers and sisters in faith. Encountering Young Believers Click Here To Discover More In order for Encounter 2020 to be a
true success, we can't do it
alone. If you would like to get
involved or have any suggestions,
contact us
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