Camping Application

Camping is scheduled to take place from Friday, November 24th to Sunday, November 26th, at the location indicated by the following pin: Please be aware that this site is privately owned by the Malta Aviation Museum. In order to ensure a safe and comfortable experience, we have made the following arrangements:

  • The perimeter of the camping area will be secured with appropriate fencing.
  • Mobile toilets will be provided within the area for your convenience.
  • A security guard will be present to ensure safety.
  • A first aid team will be available close to the venue throughout the day to provide any necessary medical assistance.

Please exercise caution, follow safety guidelines, and adhere to responsible and respectful behaviour throughout the event. We will be issuing safety guidelines once the application is processed. Be aware of your own dietary requirements and preferences, as the organisers will not be responsible for food and beverage provision. There may be food venders on site. Additionally, please note that no fires can be lit up during the weekend. Alcohol, illicit substances, and smoking are prohibited.

We kindly request that every participant maintains a respectful level of decency to ensure the comfort and respect of all others in the area.

This application applies for ONE TENT. You have to bring your own tent. If your tent is going to accommodate multiple people include them in one form by pressing on “Add Applicant”. If you have multiple tents fill in multiple forms per tent.

The fee for each applicant is 20euro which includes camping permission in the identified field, access to all Encounter events hosted at the Malta Aviation Museum, and one free meal.