We at MCYN believe in the importance of being united. If we want our young people to accompany each other on this journey we must start from ourselves.

Plexus was the first event held for youth leaders by MCYN. With over 130 participants from over 35 different young organisations, we strived to create an atmosphere where we can build a real community of practice supported by our fundamental life mission to be disciples of Jesus.

Fr. Dermott Donnelly, who has had over 25 years of experience with youth work in the UK, was our guest speaker and spoke to us about the importance of being in Christ as a core value for our leadership role. It is essential that we as leaders put our prayer life before our work with young people. It is only through that intimate relationship that we are called into action, and that is to love and serve God’s young men and women.

We’ve had a lot of time to discuss and talk to one another, we’ve shared our dreams, visions and also the hardships we encounter on a daily basis. The atmosphere was electric, the closer we got together in prayer, the closer we got to one another. The more we shared with one another, the more we grew stronger as leaders, enriched by one another’s experience.

We want to keep this momentum going. Plexus will be our yearly gathering as leaders. We want Plexus to be an event that supports, strengthens and equips us to be better leaders.

We will soon be announcing the dates for our Youth Leaders Day Seminar and for Plexus 2018.

Photos from the Event