One Church, One Journey – For Youth Ministry

One church One Journey - For Youth Ministry

In June 2020, the Archdiocese of Malta launched the process of ecclesial renewal One Church, One Journey. This process invites the Church in Malta to a journey taking place between 2020 and 2024.

MCYN has created an abridged version of One Church, One Journey. This version was written with the intention of making the original text shorter, simpler and easier to reflect upon. Weโ€™ve made it with hope that it will inspire reflection and, ultimately, drive action.

We pray that this process truly opens us to the will of God and the conversion of heart required to be true witnesses of Christ.

  • Ripple Holy Week
    Ripple – Holy Week

    These webinars will be happening on 2 consecutive Wednesdays andย will be broken[..]

  • Youth in the light of Christus Vivit

    The International Forum of Catholic Action (IFCA), thanks to the work done[..]

  • This or That

    Basic Structure: Have participants stand in the centre of the room. A[..]

  • Speed Dating

    Aim: To enable participants to discuss a topic with different individuals. Basic[..]

  • Role-Play Debate

    Aim:  To encourage participants to identify those affected by the issue at[..]