Dear Youth Leaders,

We believe that it is important for us to come together, to know one another as men and women with a vocation to love God and serve his youth. This is why we invite you to join us for this yearly conference so that we can come together and journey as one.

‘Why Plexus?’
Plexus is a term referring to a network of interlacing blood vessels or nerves in a body.

We know that Jesus’ last prayer for us is that we are one. As Youth leaders we know that we cannot do it alone, we need one another, to share this journey and mission together. When we do come closer to Jesus, we also come closer to one another. Please share this invitation to all your fellow leaders.




1. Community of Practice

Jesus’ last desire is that we are one. At Plexus we want to make sure we have time to know each other, share our dreams, and our worries for the future of our ministry. We are not youth leaders in isolation, but we are part of the living Church!

2. Discussion Groups

We don’t want you to come at the conference and be passive listeners. We want to encourage a new generation of leaders who will be dynamic and interact with one another and with society at large. We will let you have your say!

3. Keynote Speeches 

We want you to leave the conference equipped and ready to learn more. We invite experts from the fields of the ministry, and others who will encourage you to think outside the box. 

4. Fellowship

What is togetherness without food? We usually have lunch (and of course, coffee) together through which we will enjoy some time of fellowship. We then end our day with a Eucharistic celebration, from which we acknowledge our ultimate nourishment, source of service and love.