Prayer Apps

Here are some apps which can be helpful in keeping up personal prayer, and can also be used as a group!


MCYN Swipe to Pray: 

Swipe to Pray is our insta-friendly prayer guide. Each post starts with a scripture quote, includes a short reflection and end with a prayer. Swipe to Pray is posted daily on Instagram, so ahead and check it out! 


Hallow App:  

Hallow is a Catholic meditation app which helps with finding peace and offers guided prayer journeys. It has free plans and a paid subscription, however, in light of this pandemic, they’re offering a 3-month free trial. 



Magnificat offers daily prayers for both morning and evening drawn from the Liturgy of the Hours, the official texts of daily Mass, meditations, essays on the lives of the saints and articles giving valuable spiritual insight into masterpieces of sacred art.


The Bible App: 

This Bible App offers different Bible translations, an audio Bible, devotionals & daily scripture plans. It also makes it possible for a group of people to follow a devotional together and share their thoughts about it on the app itself. It also keeps you motivated to complete your daily prayer with streaks and badges.


Focus on Campus: 

The Focus App includes a wide range of resources, including Bible studies, audio and video of teachings from conferences & training resources. It’s free for all and regularly updated.