Read. Think. Speak. – 26th July

26st read think speak impact acts
26st read think speak impact acts

MCYN is currently meeting with different young people from all around Malta called Read Think Speak. 

The meetings will be quite simple: a mix of people from two youth groups (in your case, IMPACT and ACTS Malta) and the MCYN team, on ZOOM, discussing a few things.

This meeting will be happening on the 26th of July between 7:30pm and 9pm.

We’d like to hear what you have to say – about your experiences of being a Christian in Malta, about where you feel God is calling us to, and about the process too!

For this meeting, we’d like to focus on 2 themes from One Church, One Journey.

  1. Chapter 1: Our (re)Encounter with Christ (page 14)
    • Where do you meet Jesus in your life?
    • Do have a particular memory of you encountering Jesus?
  2. Chapter 5: The People God (page 34) & Chapter 7: The People’s Wounds (page 48)
    • How has your encounter with Christ changed your life?
    • Does your faith have an impact on our society? If yes, how? If not, why not?

We encourage you to read, think and reflect on the selected themes in preparation for the meeting.

We’ve made a summarised version of the document explaining One Church, One Journey (with a reading time of just 30 minutes). You can find it here (or you can ask your leader for a printed copy). 

If you can join, please fill in the application form below: