In the session of the National Youth Parliament held on Wednesday 13th September 2017 the subject of abortion was brought up. The Malta Catholic Youth Network – the diocesan youth commission of the Church – considers that the subject of abortion should not be a taboo but spoken of in the light of truth.

The MCYN represents a large number of youth organisations in Malta which strongly oppose abortion. Regrettably these organisations were not represented at this session of the National Youth Parliament.

The MCYN holds that life should be protected from conception to natural death. Maltese society at large must remember that abortion is a procedure which goes against this basic principle and right to life.

The MCYN encourages Maltese institutions to draw up educational programs to help young men and women understand the deep consequences which abortion brings not only on their personal lives, but on the termination of life of the unborn child.

The MCYN encourages educational programs which highlight the importance of good sexual health, and which are not only based on the physical aspect of sexuality, but also include the emotional, psychological, spiritual and moral perspectives.

The MCYN also calls upon young persons who are journeying with people who are struggling with the idea of abortion not to abandon their peers. It is important, especially for Catholics, to guide, help, and support young women or couples who have already passed through an abortion. We also need to help inform all those who still do not know about the gravity of abortion, which deprives the unborn child of the most basic of rights, the right to life.

Benjamin Flores Martin – Malta Catholic Youth Network