This Advent resource consists of 3 stand-alone sessions which can be run in youth groups. The resources provided are intended to be a simple basis for your meetings so that they can be adapted to each group’s different age bracket and dynamic. The resource is available both in Maltese and English.

Session 1: Jesus’ Genealogy
This is an activity-based session written to make sense of the genealogy of Jesus read during the Christmas Vigil mass and to have some fun getting to know a few Biblical characters.

Session 2: Nominating “No”
This session leans more into the reason for the Advent season. The aim of this session is to recognise the importance of saying “no” more in order to make time and space for Jesus’ coming.

Session 3: Journeying with Joseph
The idea behind this session is to go out for a walk with young people, spend some time in the countryside if possible and talk about St Joseph.