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Away from Those He Loved

This session looks at the realities migrants arriving in
Malta irregularly face before their arrival. It pivots on the
testimony of a man who lived and died in Malta,
away from those he loved.

To shed light on the unheard stories of irregular migrants.
To reflect upon the Catholic’s role in this narrative which surrounds us.


Sara, a Maltese Girl

This session is centred on the story of a young girl who is
forced into a parent’s role at a young age. It gives young
people the opportunity to become aware of stories and
realities which they may overlook in their everyday lives.

To recognise realities hidden in people’s (even children’s) lives.
To continue to understand our identity in Christ.


Li Kieku ma Ltaqgħetx ma’ Maria

This session is based on the parable of the Good Samaritan.
Starting off from the story of a Maltese woman, it tackles
what the parable of the Good Samaritan calls us to.

 To reflect upon the suffering we may walk past every day.
To understand in a deeper way the parable of the Good Samaritan
and whose neighbour God calls us to be.


Mħabba fis-Skiet

Din il-laqgħa tuża testimonjanza biex tiddiskuti
x’inhu l-aktar aspett importanti fil-volontarjat:
l-imħabba. Dan tagħmlu permezz ta’
diskussjonijiet u Lectio Divina.

Biex niddiskutu xi tfisser għalina l-ħidma volontarja.
Biex niskopru l-importanza tal-imħabba f’din il ħidma.


A Princess has Died in Malta

This session looks at the realities of prostitution through
testimonies. It gives young people the opportunity to discuss
and learn about legislation, the Church’s teachings
and Jesus’ approach to this reality.

To become aware of the reality of prostitution
To continue to understand the dignity of the human person