Longing to See Her Face

“In various phases of life, we have to enter a process of waiting whether we like it or not. I must admit that I am not always capable of doing so. However, this time around, I cannot try to wait any less by paying for fast shipping or asking someone to pick up an item for me. This kind of waiting is completely new to me: that of a child. This is a kind of waiting that is unrelenting in its lessons of life.

“Personally, this waiting is exciting, joyful, and gives me a strong sense of gratitude for the new life unfolding. I wish the next few months would pass as quickly as possible so I can finally meet our little one and see her face! However, among the positive emotions, there is also an element of anxiety, of doubt for what I cannot see or control; for what is unknown.

“These are the moments that help me realise that, in life, I cannot have control over everything, and the desire for control can also work against me. While these emotions may be mixed and I always prefer to be content and calm, they are the same emotions that draw me to the presence of God. They humble me to open my eyes to relinquish control and offer what I have in my heart and mind to Him. These are the moments that remind me of how God was faithful to me in previous experiences through which I have learnt that He is truly providential and patient. Reflecting on the past helps me build a sense of gratitude, while at the same time giving me the courage to continue to live in the present and offer my future to the Lord.

“In all of this, I find the courage to wait. Most of all, I come to understand that waiting is an inevitable journey, both an external and an internal one. It is a process within myself, with my loved ones, and with God.

“During this waiting, I decided to choose a particular song to listen to in quietness and prayer: ‘Not in a Hurry’, by Will Reagan. This is a song which I enjoy playing to my baby, especially now that I have learnt that babies hear sounds outside their mothers’ bodies at 27 weeks. Whilst praying with the mentioned song, I continue to grasp the importance of sitting with my emotions, patiently, before the Lord. I understand that this is a process that takes time and that I need to accept it with a spirit of gratitude and humility. Even though at times, it is not always easy to appreciate each and every moment, this period is helping me to understand that this waiting is an attitude which in return provokes more opportunities to think, reflect, and act with a sense of responsibility.”

Have a listen to ‘Not in a Hurry’ by Will Reagan, and make the most of it by reciting a verse or two in your prayer.

This is the experience of a 25 year old Maltese female who is counting the days to see the face of the one she is carrying.

Make time to reflect

  • We might not be expecting a child at the moment. However, what face am I eager to see? Various authors in the Bibles, especially Psalmists, express their desire to see the face of the Lord, a term which in other words means to enter in a deeper communion to discover something more of God.
  • How are you desiring to know God better?
  • The narrator lets her adverse emotions be a vehicle to draw herself to God. How do you make use of such emotions?
  • In times of doubt, she recalls experiences in which the Lord was faithful to her in the past. What are some of your experiences in which you find refuge?