• To help participants reflect on an experience/session.


  • Papers
  • Pencils/pens/markers

Basic Structure:

  • Participants are asked to write down one of the following in exactly one minute:
    • the most eye-opening revelations from the session
    • the biggest questions they’re left with
    • a summary of what was said during the session
    • an answer to a reflective question presented by the leader
    • what they want to remember from the experience/session
  • A timer for 1 minute is set & participants start writing.


  • One-minute papers can be stuck onto a noticeboard.
  • One-minute journals: Participants can be asked to write one-minute papers on a personal journal at the end of every session (journals can be kept by the leaders or by the participants).
  • One-minute monologue: Participants can be split into pairs & asked to give a one-minute monologue to their partner about the topic.
  • One-minute message: Participants can be asked to write a message for one minute that is then sent to a leader. (This can be a way of receiving feedback of what is actually being retained.)

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