• To enable critical thinking in discussions
  • To help participants consider opposite views than the ones they have.

Basic Structure:

  • Divide participants into two groups.
  • Assign each group different viewpoints (for example, Group 1 in favour of eating gummy bears for lunch and Group 2 in favour of eating burgers).
  • Allocate some time for the group to discuss their viewpoint.
  • Groups are to debate against each other on the topic for a set amount of time (for example 5 minutes).
  • Once the debate is over, ask each group to argue the opposing view (for example, Group 1 now argues in favour of eating burgers).
  • The debate is then repeated (for the same amount of time).


  1. Instead of assigning viewpoints to each group, as participants to group up according to their opinion (without mentioning they will have to argue against their opinion).
  2. Divide participants into 3 groups and have 1 group act as observers to the debate.

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