• To encourage participants to identify those affected by the issue at hand.
  • To enable participants to see perspectives which might not be their own.

Basic Structure:

  • Explain the topic to be debated.
  • As a group, identify as many stakeholders in the debate as you’d like (ie. people whom the issue effects). (Debate title example: “Gummy bears for school lunches”. Stakeholder examples: “Gummy Bear Producer”, “Diabetes Patient”, “Students” ect.)
  • Ask individuals to take on the role of the stakeholders mentioned.
  • Each stakeholder is to act out his or her point of view in the debate.
  • The group can join in by asking questions to the individual stakeholders.


  1. The role-play can also take place in the form of a panel, where those who will be acting out the role of the stakeholders are to sit at the front and answer questions presented by the rest of the participants.

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