Just 15 Minutes

We’re sure you can spare Just 15 Minutes for prayer and reflection. This series, through a set of guided steps, helps you to reflect and pray on your day for a few moments.

Just 15 Minutes

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Prayer Apps

Here you can find several applications which can help you with your time of prayer.

  • This or That

    Basic Structure: Have participants stand in the centre of the room. A[..]

  • Speed Dating

    Aim: To enable participants to discuss a topic with different individuals. Basic[..]

  • Role-Play Debate

    Aim:  To encourage participants to identify those affected by the issue at[..]

  • Creative Debate

    Aims: To enable critical thinking in discussions To help participants consider opposite[..]

  • One-Minute Paper

    Aim: To help participants reflect on an experience/session. Resources: Papers Pencils/pens/markers Basic[..]