CAM Youths

Ages: 16–50 

Frequency: Daily


Contact Details

Name: Nicholas Massa

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 79491054


CAMYouths is an organisation of Catholic communities inspired by the charisma as laid down in the Constitutions of the Missionary Society of St. Paul (MSSP) whereby each community fosters growth and provides ongoing accompaniment to each individual member. Outreach activities are also an important way of how CAMYouths strives to express its purpose, including voluntary experiences held mostly during the summer season. We have worked together with the Missionaries of Charity (Sister of Mother Teresa) in Naples (Italy) in tha area of Frullone, in La Goulette area of Tunis (Tunisia), in Blarney (Ireland), and in Dublin (Ireland). CAMYouths members have also volunteered in Ethiopia, the Philippines, Pakistan and Peru, as well as participating in the European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme.