Youth For Christ – YFC

Ages: 13–22 

Days: Saturday

Frequency: Fortnight




Contact Details

Name: Rita Borg

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 79867131


Youth For Christ is the youth arm of Couples For Christ (CFC). Our YFC Identity is our oneness and commonness as brothers and sisters in YFC. Our uniqueness emanates from God, as individuals and as one body anchored on His image and likeness. Being sons and daughters of God is our true and ultimate identity. To bring the young to Christ is our supreme goal. Our identity is the result of our innate and core values that we in YFC want to live by. Our 7 ID’s (Missionary, Model of Excellence, Champion of the Poor, Patriot, 100% Free, Single Minded for God, Source of Unity in the Family) are the fullness of who and what we are as a Youth for Christ.