Longing to See Her Face

“In various phases of life, we have to enter a process of waiting whether we like it or not. I must admit that I am not always capable of doing so. However, this time around, I cannot try to wait any less by paying for fast shipping or asking someone to pick up an item for me. This kind of waiting is completely new to me: that of a child. This is a kind of waiting that is unrelenting in its lessons of life.

“Personally, this waiting is exciting, joyful, and gives me a strong sense of gratitude for the new life unfolding. I wish the next few months would pass as quickly as possible so I can finally meet our little one and see her face! However, among the positive emotions, there is also an element of anxiety, of doubt for what I cannot see or control; for what is unknown.

“These are the moments that help me realise that, in life, I cannot have control over everything, and the desire for control can also work against me. While these emotions may be mixed and I always prefer to be content and calm, they are the same emotions that draw me to the presence of God. They humble me to open my eyes to relinquish control and offer what I have in my heart and mind to Him. These are the moments that remind me of how God was faithful to me in previous experiences through which I have learnt that He is truly providential and patient. Reflecting on the past helps me build a sense of gratitude, while at the same time giving me the courage to continue to live in the present and offer my future to the Lord.

“In all of this, I find the courage to wait. Most of all, I come to understand that waiting is an inevitable journey, both an external and an internal one. It is a process within myself, with my loved ones, and with God.

“During this waiting, I decided to choose a particular song to listen to in quietness and prayer: ‘Not in a Hurry’, by Will Reagan. This is a song which I enjoy playing to my baby, especially now that I have learnt that babies hear sounds outside their mothers’ bodies at 27 weeks. Whilst praying with the mentioned song, I continue to grasp the importance of sitting with my emotions, patiently, before the Lord. I understand that this is a process that takes time and that I need to accept it with a spirit of gratitude and humility. Even though at times, it is not always easy to appreciate each and every moment, this period is helping me to understand that this waiting is an attitude which in return provokes more opportunities to think, reflect, and act with a sense of responsibility.”

Have a listen to ‘Not in a Hurry’ by Will Reagan, and make the most of it by reciting a verse or two in your prayer.

This is the experience of a 25 year old Maltese female who is counting the days to see the face of the one she is carrying.

Make time to reflect

  • We might not be expecting a child at the moment. However, what face am I eager to see? Various authors in the Bibles, especially Psalmists, express their desire to see the face of the Lord, a term which in other words means to enter in a deeper communion to discover something more of God.
  • How are you desiring to know God better?
  • The narrator lets her adverse emotions be a vehicle to draw herself to God. How do you make use of such emotions?
  • In times of doubt, she recalls experiences in which the Lord was faithful to her in the past. What are some of your experiences in which you find refuge?

Longing for Change

“The experience of travelling to another country is a transformative one. It helps you embrace the unknown and appreciate the diversity of the world around. This experience helped me overcome my fears and doubts. It helped me discover a strength and resilience I never knew I possessed.

“But to go a bit back, my wait to come to Malta was filled with both excitement and anticipation. I had always dreamed of visiting the beautiful island. I couldn’t wait to explore its rich history and culture. I also looked forward to enjoying the warm weather and stunning beaches, the ancient Megalithic Temples, the medieval city of Valletta, and the Blue Grotto. I also wanted to try some of the local food! My wait became a canvas upon which dreams were painted, each stroke adding enthusiasm to the anticipation. But for me, waiting was also a stressful and anxious experience. Indeed, as I prepared to embark on my first trip abroad, I found myself wrestling with a wave of emotions. The excitement was real, but I was also anxious about the language barrier, worried about getting lost or making a fool of myself. I was also concerned about cultural differences and the possibility of offending someone inadvertently. Doubts accompanied me throughout. Questions swirled in my mind, casting a shadow over my excitement.

“Through it all, however, I felt God’s presence and guidance. There were many times when I felt discouraged and hopeless, but God always gave me the strength to keep going. One way in which God helped me was by providing me with opportunities to connect with other people who were also waiting to move to Malta. These connections were a source of great comfort and support for me. We were able to share our experiences, and to encourage each other through difficult times. God also helped me by giving me the strength to face my fears and doubts. There were many times when I was afraid that my dream of moving to Malta would never come true; but God reminded me that He was with me and that He would never leave me or forsake me.

“Throughout, I had been praying to Mother Mary as I regularly recited the Holy Rosary. I also never missed Holy Mass. There were also many verses from scripture that struck me and accompanied me on my journey. One of the most important is Philippians 4:6-7: ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.’ This verse has been a source of great comfort as it reminds me that I can always turn to God for help and that His peace is more powerful than any worry or trouble that I could ever face.

“Another verse that has been important to me is Romans 8:28, which says: ‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.’ This verse has helped me to see that even in the midst of difficult times, God is still working for my good. He is using all of my experiences, both good and bad, to shape me into the person He wants me to be.”

This is the experience of Arslan, a young adult from Pakistan who left his country to seek a better future.

Make time to reflect

  • Do you resonate with any of his longings? What is that change which you are currently longing for?
  • He recalls a time in which excitement was overcome by anxiety and stress. What steals your excitement and joy in life?
  • The narrator acknowledges God’s providence as he met other people with whom he could share such a life-changing experience. Are there any people who remind you of this providential attribute of God?
  • He finally concludes that God uses all experiences, both good and bad, for his very own good. What do you make of this statement? Which area in your life needs to better listen to Romans 8:28?

Longing: A Reflective Resource for Advent

This year, the Malta Catholic Youth Network has collaborated with Lifelong Catechesis to explore the attitude of longing during the Advent season. Whether you are simply searching, in this journey of faith without belonging to any particular community, or or already part of a group, we extend an invitation for you to delve into these reflections either independently or with your community.

We have met four categories of people in Malta who are all longing for something in one way or another. We encourage you to explore their stories, finding resonance and acknowledging your own experiences of longing. In this liturgical period of Advent, consider redirecting your yearnings towards Christ, turning this season into a transformative journey of spiritual growth.

Click here to download a print version.

It-Triq tas-Salib

Maħsuba biex tkun ta’ gwida għall-pellegrini fil-Jum Dinji taż-Żgħażagħ tal-2023, biss tista’ tiġi wkoll tintuża fiż-żmien tar-Randan.


Hemm diversi modi t’espressjoni tul il-vjaġġ tas-salib. Dan il-ktejjeb hu sempliċiment gwida għalik biex timxi dan il-vjaġġ mhux biss b’mod estern, imma wkoll b’mod interjuri.

Għaldaqstant, l-istedina tagħna hija biex għal kull stazzjon:

  • nisimgħu l-Kelma t’Alla;
  • nirriflettu fuq dawn ir-rakkonti li ġraw verament;
  • nagħrfu li ħafna minn ħutna għadhom iġarrbu ħafna tbatija innoċentament;
  • nagħrfu li aħna parti integri minn dan il-vjaġġ ta’ Ġesù;
  • nitolbu lil Marija takkumpanjana.


WYD’23 Resources

World Youth Day is finally here!

Here are some resources which you may find useful during the pilgrimage.


Riflessjoni għall-Ġimgħa Mqaddsa

Jekk qatt ħassejt iż-żiffa friska qalb il-muntanji fin-Nofsinhar tal-Polonja, hemm mnejn iltqajt ma’ din l-immaġni mnaqqxa fuq il-bibien tipiċi tal-madwar. Wiċċ Kristu mħasseb, imserraħ fuq idu, f’mument sieket fil-ġrajja mqanqla tal-Passjoni. Mument ċkejken qabel dik l-istess id iltaqgħet mal-iskald aħrax t’għuda li xejn ma tixbah is-slaleb xkatlati bi truf imdiehba tal-vari madwarna.

Similaritajiet ta’ dan l-immaġni jinsabu wkoll il-Ġermanja u l-Litwanja, fost l-oħrajn.

Xi jħalli fik il-wiċċ imħasseb ta’ dak li s-soltu nħares lejh setgħan u sovran? Ngħid għalija, l-ewwel sentiment iqanqal fija togħma morra li taħsad il-mod ta’ kif kultant inħares lejn il-fidi. Naf li l-fidi mhijiex maġija li fiha nsib konfort immedjat, imma l-immaġni t’Alla mħasseb xorta tistona ma’ ħsibijieti. Nippreferih miexi fuq il-baħar, ifejjaq l-impossibbli u jsikket il-maltemp. Nippreferih mhux imħasseb. Jekk xejn, il-muskulatura erojka mirquma tal-iskultura tal-Ħassieb ta’ Rodin, hi ferm iktar attraenti.

Hu maħsub li din l-immaġni, qabel il-figura ta’ Kristu, kienet tirrappreżenta ‘l Ġob: raġel “perfett u tajjeb” (Ġob 1:1), tal-familja, ta’ fidi, u b’sitwazzjoni finanzjarja komda. Nistħajjel li bħali, xewqtek tħabbrek għal dan l-għajxien. Iżda żgur li ma tħabbrekx għall-kumplament tan-narrattiva kkaratterizzata minn: fallimenti f’ħidmietu, imwiet ta’ familjari, mard, solitudni, u dwejjaq. F’sommarju ta’ ftit kliem, f’Ġob nilmħu diżappunt. Għalkemm xewqti ma tħabbrekx għal din l-iżvolta, nagħraf li, xi ftit jew wisq, doqt ftit mill-imrar ta’ Ġob f’ħajti. Bħalu staqsejt “għaliex?” u ddiżappuntajt ruħi f’Alla li fih tant ittamajt u qdejt. Tħassibt. Kont nixtieq verżjoni ta’ ħajja aħjar jew imqar rimedji iktar effiċjenti. Kont nippreferi immaġni t’alla inqas fraġli. Imma ma setax kelli immaġni t’imħabba aħjar minn dak t’Alla ħosbien! Vulnerabbli fil-ġisem. Vulnerabbli fil-ħsieb. Bħali. Miegħi.

Bħalma l-maltemp jikxef l-abiltajiet tal-baħri, Alla ma jiddistikkax ruħu mill-immaġni tiegħu ħosbien, u b’hekk jikxef imħabbtu. Ma kienx ikun veru bniedem li kieku qatt ma ġarrab il-ġlidiet tal-moħħ li magħhom aħna nissieltu ta’ kuljum. Is-saħħa mentali mhuwiex suġġett aljen għal Kristu, għax bħali u bħalek issielet miegħu sa għereq l-għaraq tad-demm. Għall-kuntrarju tiegħi, ma jagħżilx li jaħrab mal-ewwel buffuri ta’ sofferenza.

Fit-tħassib uman, mexa pass eqreb biex jifhem dak li, ħaddieħor jew saħansitra inti stess, ma tistax tifhem fik innifsek. Fit-tħassib tiegħu seta’ jilmaħ u jifhem it-tħassib tiegħek. U għax int ukoll parti minn din-narrattiva, fit-tħassib jagħraf opportunità ta’ mħabba. Imħabba li mhux dejjem hemm raġuni valida għaliha, jew li mhux dejjem tkun reċiprokata. Għax dejjem hemm mnejn l-iben il-ħali jiddawwar biex jiġi. Jekk jiġi! L-istennija ta’ Kristu mnaqqxa f’wiċċ ħosbien imserrħa f’idejh, ma tistrihx qabel tarak mill-ġdid.

Ħnientu, friska iktar miż-żiffa tal-muntanji, titħasseb għalik.

Pentecost: Prayer Space

For the feast of Pentecost in which we celebrate who we are as Church, in collaboration with Spiritual Development in Schools, we are providing you with a prayer space to animate with your groups/communities. The ultimate aim of this project is to better our understanding of who we are in unity with each other as Church, and our dependency on the Holy Spirit who makes sense of our frailties.

On this feast of Pentecost, we express our gratitude for your work and tangible presence with adolescents and youths within our communities. Related artistic audio-visual content will be reaching you all in the coming week. Stay tuned!

Emerġenza: Turkija u Sirja

Meta seħħ it-terremot fit-Turkija u s-Sirja, il-Parroċċi Maltin, flimkien ma’ entitajiet oħra, weġibna għas-sejħa għall-għajnuna. Forsi ninsew li eluf ta’ nies għadhom hemm u qed jippruvaw jibnu ħajjithom mill-ġdid.

SOS Malta, organizzazzjoni Maltija li bniet isem għaliha f’sitwazzjonijiet umanitarji u t’emerġenza bħal dawn, kienet minn tal-ewwel li marret fuq il-post. Ir-rappreżentanti ta’ SOS Malta llum waslu biex ingħataw roqgħa art fejn bnew villaġġ ta’ tined għal 70 familja u tinda kbira f’nofs l-istess villaġġ biex tintuża bħala skola.

Wara taħdidiet bejn Vigarjat Djakonija, Malta Catholic Youth Network (MCYN) u SOS Malta, qed nipproponu li nidħlu f’kollaborazzjoni.


  • Bħal f’pajjiżna, is-sajf f’dan ir-reġjun huwa kiefer, forsi iktar minn tagħna. Żgur li kif nafu, it-tined isiru fran fix-xemx. Is-soluzzjoni possibbli hi li kull tinda jkollha cooler u fuq it-tinda eżistenti tintrama fly-sheet (qisu l-materjal l-aħdar li nużaw Malta biex ikollna d-dell). Dawn jinxtraw minn post viċin u jiġu installati min-nies tal-post taħt it-tmexxija tar-rappreżentanti ta’ SOS Malta.
    Il-pakkett sħiħ li jinkludi cooler, flysheet u l-istruttura jiswa 300 ewro.

    Qed nistiednu lill-parroċċi Maltin jieħdu impenn li jiffinanzjaw cooler u struttura tad-dell għal tinda jew aktar. Aħna nipprovdu materjal li bih ninfurmaw il-komunità, nilqgħu mistoqsijiet biex in-nies ikunu infurmati aħjar u jkun hemm sit elettroniku fejn l-iżvilupp fil-villaġġ ikun jista’ jiġi segwit permezz ta’ ritratti u kitbiet.
  • Nistiednu nies ta’ ’l fuq minn 18-il sena li jixtiequ jkunu jafu aktar dwar l-opportunità ta’ ġimagħtejn volontarjat fil-villaġġ matul is-sajf biex ikellmuna.

  • Naħdmu mal-parroċċi Maltin biex membri tal-komunitajiet tagħna li jagħmlu esperjenzi barra minn Malta, fosthom din, isibu għalqa għammiela fil-parroċċi tagħna. Dan permezz ta’ opportunitajiet ta’ formazzjoni u azzjoni li niżviluppaw flimkien miegħek bħala kappillan skont il-bżonn fil-komunità tiegħek.

Jekk int interessat jew tixtieq iktar informazzjoni, ibgħat SMS/whatsapp fuq +356 79822886 u nċemplulek aħna.


This Christmas, Make Room

I can only imagine the attentiveness of parents just before the woman gives birth. Many parents prepare the famous hospital bag weeks – if not months – before the delivery day, to make sure they are fully equipped when the moment arrives. I believe that Joseph and Mary were just as mindful before Jesus was born, while also being filled with joy and excitement. These are undoubtedly memorable moments cherished by many which make everything else seem irrelevant.

During these delicate moments, the last thing that I would want to think of  is a 30-minute telephone survey by one of some statistic agencies – which have a tendency to test my nerves every so often. Joseph and Mary were not exempt from such statistical exercises; their government had in fact demanded their participation a few days before the delivery. The only difference was that the couple had to embark on a 33–hour journey between Nazareth and Bethlehem to enrol themselves. I must thank Google maps for the 33-hour calculation, though this might have been slightly different knowing the vulnerability of Mary in her last pregnancy days (if not hours) and the accompaniment of a poor donkey.

The couple had to leave their home in this vulnerable situation in order to foster responsibility and  be lawful citizens.
NB: The Romans had not been a corruption-free authority either.

Am I willing to leave my comfort zones to meet my obligations towards the state/superiors?

Knowing Joseph’s profession, I can only imagine what he had been preparing to ensure that  baby Jesus received a warm welcome to planet Earth. The simplest preparation that comes to mind is a comfy bed where the mother and child could rest. Yet, he had to leave everything behind to participate in such census, and the selfless woman who had just accompanied Elizabeth in her pregnancy now found herself on a physically and emotionally challenging journey with Joseph – without the warmth of that bed which her husband had planned for baby Jesus and without the warmth of their relatives’ presence.

Would I be able to sit with my own self in moments of vulnerability without being distracted by my possessions?
Would I be able to acknowledge and trust God amid my suffering?

The time for Mary to deliver arrived, and we all know how the rest of the story unfolded. The most comfortable piece of furniture found by the carpenter was nothing less than a manger, and the ones who had accompanied the couple during these joyful moments were none other than some sheep and the poor donkey. I cannot imagine how the couple must have felt at  that  point, after being stripped of all their plans and desires, and finding themselves in a place far from luxurious or fit for a rising king – a cave. A human disappointment. Nevertheless, God still finds His delight, especially now that He could start engaging with His beloved children through an embodied medium, in the simplest form of communication: newborn’s cry.

Am I aware of God’s wish to reach out to me today?

Aspiring to build a space for Jesus  to dwell in is wonderful; however, are these dreams  replacing  my thirst to meet Him? Am I so preoccupied with being sinless or with my works, that I am forgetting that this is a two-way relationship?

May this story humble us in the realisation that Jesus brings life when and wherever He wants to. He does not require us to be fully equipped; rather, He requires us to have an expectant heart. God did not choose a carpenter to satisfy His needs to sleep in a luxurious bed; rather He chose Joseph for who he was. Mary was not chosen because she was a skilful mother; He chose her because of who she was.

In the same way, God wants to encounter me and you today, not because of what we can offer, but because of who we are, for He is in love with us, despite our disappointments or failed plans. Just as He wanted to journey with Joseph and Mary, He wants to walk the journey of life with me and you.

How can I make room for Jesus this Christmas?